Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July Camping Trip

 Nathan and Dad set up the camper in record time. 

Mark found a reading spot on the picnic table. 

Mark also found what he liked to call his "roosting spot" and climbed up there often!

Nathan found a fishing spot near our campsite.

This butterfly lived in our campsite and was especially friendly to Mark.

At the start of our 5 mile hike Saturday morning...this was a clearing near the beginning of the trail.  Lots of pretty wildflowers and grasses.

This was what most of the trail looked like...shady, cool, abounding with rhododendrons in bloom.

We crossed a stream several times...lots of rock outcroppings.

The leader of the pack.

Nathan especially loved exploring the river rocks.

Mark was a very persistent fisherman Sunday morning.

Greg enjoyed the water, and was able to paddle solo several times. (I was able to paddle some as well, and saw a beautiful moon rising Saturday evening.)

Nathan paddled on his own Sunday morning....had a funny adventure getting back into the kayak after stopping to fish with Mark!  Ask him to tell you the story sometime.

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